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Posted by Veronique on Feb 8, 2024

Sadie attended the CHANEL Dinner To Celebrate The Watches & Fine Jewelry Fifth Avenue Flagship Boutique Opening yesterday. Click on the gallery link below to see all new photos.

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Stranger Things On Stage
Posted by Veronique on Jan 29, 2024

Sadie was seen at Stranger Things On Stage in London today. Click on the gallery link below to see all new photos.

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New Damon Baker shoot & new Armani Beauty photo
Posted by Veronique on Jan 11, 2024

I added 2 new photoshoots to the gallery. Click on the gallery links below to see all new photos.

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Sadie Sink seen out in Manhattan yesterday
Posted by Veronique on Dec 21, 2023

Sadie was seen out in Manhattan yesterday. Click on the gallery link below to see all new photos.

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New Armani Beauty shoot!
Posted by Veronique on Dec 5, 2023

“There is a magnetic authenticity to Sadie that is so magical it is almost beyond words alone. I have had the pleasure to create, connect and birth a friendship with her that has enabled me to accept and love parts of my own self that I never recognized were there before and it’s because of her acceptance towards me that I truly believe has helped ease my own anxieties. Sadie is warmth, Sadie is love, Sadie is true.” – Damon Baker

“I think you really focus on just the inner, natural beauty and highlighting that. I met you when I was 15, which is kind of the age where you start getting interested in makeup…and it was still something I was so scared of, but you never pushed me. And you have been using Armani on me for a very long time, since they are good for your approach, in the sense that it’s like minimal, glowy, natural.” – Sadie Sink

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New design
Posted by Veronique on Nov 29, 2023

I want to thank Gemma, from Gratrix Designs, for this amazing new design!! I’m in love with it!

CHANEL Academy Luncheon & Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot
Posted by Veronique on Nov 11, 2023

Sadie attended the CHANEL Academy Luncheon two days ago and got ready for the event with Harper’s Bazaar. Click on the gallery links below to see all new photos.

Sadie Sink Is Excited for the Future of Women in Film

The Stranger Things actor got ready with her stylist and Harper’s Bazaar for the annual Academy Women’s Luncheon, presented by Chanel

“The best advice I’ve gotten about being a woman in the film industry—which kind of applies to women in every industry—is just to allow yourself to feel your own power in every room that you enter,” says Sadie Sink, the 21-year-old actor from Stranger Things and The Whale. “And spending the better part of my career as a minor stepping into adulthood, coming into my own voice has been tricky.”

Harper’s Bazaar caught up with Sink as she got ready for this year’s Academy Women’s Luncheon, presented by Chanel. Women from across the filmmaking industry gathered in Los Angeles on November 9 on the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures’ open-air rooftop to celebrate the Gold Fellowship for Women.

The opportunity to be in one room together—especially on the heels of the 118-day-long SAG-AFTRA actors strike—serves as a reminder to Sink of how fortunate she’s been to come up in Hollywood during this specific moment. “I feel hopeful for the future of women in Hollywood when I look at how much has changed within the last 10, 20, 30 years,” she says. “It’s just an entirely different landscape. It isn’t perfect, but the opportunities there are for women actors, writers, directors, producers and all other roles in the industry today are so different. We’ve really come so far. The momentum to continue these conversations and this change—it’s really hopeful and inspiring. We aren’t going anywhere.”

The house ambassador, styled by Molly Dickson, landed on a purple and silver glitter tweed top and blue-and-pink washed denim jeans from Chanel’s 2024 collection. She was accessorized with “Coco Crush” rings, as well as a signature quilt bag and cheeky platform shoes.

“Back when I was younger and just starting out, I felt kind of intimidated by the fashion world. But my personal taste really has evolved as I’ve gotten older, and so have my relationships with brands like Chanel,” says Sink. “They’ve been there for me since the very beginning. It’s really special to be here with them today.”

Later that day, she would find herself on the red carpet with Lupita Nyong’o, Kristen Stewart, America Ferrera, Lily-Rose Depp, Riley Keough, Greta Lee, and other stars—conversations buzzing about the industry’s next chapter, post-strike.

“I’m lucky enough to have worked alongside some of the most amazing female performers during my career so far. And just to cross paths with the most talented actresses and filmmakers in the industry, like I am today, is such an honor,” Sink says. “I wouldn’t be who I am as an actor, or as a person, without the female mentorship in my life.”

Source: harpersbazaar.com

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